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Family Relationships Quarterly

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Newsletter No. 19, 2011 Articles include: screening and risk assessment for family violence, past adoption practices, incarcerated mothers and their adolescent children, an update on trends in couple dissolution, and more.
Newsletter No. 18, 2011 Articles include: communication with young people in a family services setting; investigating gender differences in romantic relationships; grandmothers and grandfathers looking after grandchildren; program spotlight on supporting children after separation.
Newsletter No. 17, 2010 Special edition on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
Articles include: the emergence of healing services; strengthening culture and identity for Aboriginal children; family dispute resolution for Aboriginal families; program spotlights on the Healthy Family Circle program and Yorgum Aboriginal Family Counselling Service.
Newsletter No. 16, 2010 Articles include: a commentary on genuine effort in practice; engaging disadvantaged families in child and family services; shariah law and divorce; servicing rural and remote communities through e-counselling.
Newsletter No. 15, 2010 Articles include: shariah law and marriage in Australia, working with families after traumatic events; a whole-of-agency public health approach to family services; the Relationships Australia Indigenous Network; different types of dispute resolution compared; social inclusion indicators.
Newsletter No. 14, 2009 Focus on natural disasters: literature review on responses of families, children and adolescents; a whole-of-service response to the 2006 Grampians bushfires; the importance of psychological preparedness for natural disasters.

: articles on children and young people where a family member has a mental illness, help for migrant families, couples and finance, and a new directory of post-separation services in Victoria.
Newsletter No. 13, 2009 Articles include culturally responsive family dispute resolution, children's understandings of post-separation decision making about them, the impact of the global financial crisis on the social service sector, families and antisocial behaviour in schools, spotlight on the Positive Parenting Telephone Service
Newsletter No. 12, 2009 Articles on barriers and enablers to engaging with men from a variety of cultural backgrounds, different meanings of child-focused ideal for family dispute resolution practitioners and lawyers, the effects on children of "silent conflict", program spotlights on parenting programs, young adults' attitudes to marriage.
Newsletter No. 11, 2009 Articles include families caring for a person with a disability; who calls Mensline and why; P5 Program; attitudes to divorce in Australia; Inaugural Family Relationships Services Australia conference review.
Newsletter No. 10, 2008 Articles include using routine data collection at FRCs to examine the ways in which mothers and fathers utilise services; the interplay between the wellbeing of a sole parent and that of their child(ren); Program Spotlight on the Well Ways and Well Ways Duo programs provided by the Mental Illness Fellowship; trends and statistics article on relationship and parenting skills using data from the General Population of Parents Survey.
Newsletter No. 9, 2008 Summary of the results of the December 2007 review of the Clearinghouse; agency-based research on addressing client dropout; capacity challenges for service delivery of marriage and relationship education – a research project; First National Indigenous Family and Community Strengths Conference report, Supporting families where there are dual diagnosis issues - seminar report, literature highlights on parental mental illness, and News in brief.
Newsletter No. 8, 2008 The family law system and shared care arrangements; men's and women's attitudes to marriage and cohabitation; program spotlight on the 'Partnership' program in WA; Christchurch Youth Health Conference report; DVD review 'Raising children'; book review 'Remember Me'; literature highlights on later-life divorce and retirement and News in brief.
Newsletter No. 7, 2008 Identifying parental substance use and misuse in clinical practice; action research at the Hobart Family Relationships Centre; the late discovery of adoptive status; agency spotlight on Anglicare WA; literature highlights on parental substance abuse, intermarriages and prisoners and their families.
Newsletter No. 6, 2007 Advent of compulsory family dispute resolution, implications for practitioners; Marital disaffection; the Break Through program for help with relationships; literature highlights on divorce education and services in rural communities; An update on partnership formation trends: what does the 2006 Census suggest?
Newsletter No. 5, 2007 Secrecy in adoptive families; competition and comparison in adolescent siblings; rural health conference report; outcomes-based approaches in programs; outcomes of the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy; how Australian families spend their time.
Newsletter No. 4, 2007 Relationship education evaluation; Family Life's Creating Capable Communities program; measuring resilience in young people; gender and marital satisfaction early in marriage; results of the Relationship Indicators Survey (Relationships Australia).
Newsletter No. 3, 2007 Child-focused and child-inclusive family dispute resolution; Sure Start evaluation; trends in choice of celebrant; adolescent health conference report.
Newsletter No. 2, 2006 Internet affairs; young men who sexually abuse; trends in couple dissolution; website reviews.
Newsletter No. 1, 2006 Family law reform; child dispute services in the Family Court of Australia; social roles and women's health; trends in couple formation.