Families Matter

9th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference

Melbourne, 9-11 February 2005



Papers are arranged by name of the first author listed on each paper. Copies of papers may be made for the purposes of personal, non-commercial use or for research and study in educational institutions, provided the paper is used in full, with proper attribution to the author(s). Copyright remains with the author(s) or government agency.

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Opening/ Keynote addresses

Senator the Hon Kay Patterson
Minister for Family and Community Services
Opening Address

Don Edgar
Adjunct Professor, Centre for Workplace Culture and Change, RMIT
AIFS and the Work-Family Roundabout (PDF 158 KB) | RTF ( 36 KB)

Prue Goward
Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
After the barbeque: women, men, work and family



Michael Alexander
The determinants of employment for Australian mothers - a further analysis of lone and coupled mothers asterisk

Tom Altobelli
Family lawyers' use and perceptions of Primary Dispute Resolution

Fiona Andrews
Managing the family's health: Preferences and experiences of women with different working arrangements asterisk

Alison Angleton
A pilot intervention to increase social and economic participation for lone mothers asterisk

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Maureen Baker
Restructuring family policies: trans-national organizations and 'soft politicking' for reform asterisk

Janeen Baxter and Belinda Hewitt
Paying for housework: Resources, demand and attitudes

Jennifer Baxter
Returning to work following childbearing in Australia asterisk

Helen Berry
Trust and distress in three generations of coastal Australians

Andrew Bickerdike
Mediated post-separation parenting arrangements: A content analysis of two decades of file records

Andrew Bickerdike, Alice Bailey, Julia Pullen and Helen Cleake
Family violence and family mediation. An arranged marriage or an opportunity for growth

Michael Bittman and Judy Brown
Is part-time work a solution to reconciling the pressures of work and family?

Tamara Blakemore
Risk factors for injury in early childhood: First findings from Wave 1 of Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Bruce Bradbury and Kate Norris
Income and separation

Leah Bromfield and Daryl Higgins
The course and characteristics of chronic and isolated child maltreatment asterisk

Peter Butterworth
Mental health problems within couples: considering similarity in the mental health of married couples in Australia

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Ellen Cahill
Opening Closed Doors: Parent Support Services for Refugee Families asterisk

Alan Campbell
'Like stubbing your toe and then like suing the ground': children, rights and their ability to participate in decisions that directly affect them

Claire Cartwright
Life stories of young adults who experienced parental divorce as children or adolescents asterisk

Judy Cashmore, Patrick Parkinson and Judi Single
Children's views of the fairness of post-separation arrangements

Rebecca Cassells, Justine McNamara, Rachel Lloyd and Ann Harding
Perceptions of child care affordability and availability in Australia: what the HILDA Survey tells us asterisk

Paula Chevalier, Karen Wilson, Ann Sanson and Alison Morehead
Long-term research program for LSAC asterisk

Richard Chisholm
Post-separation parenting: Public debates, reports, and policies asterisk

Ross Clare
Superannuation and contemporary families - issues of dependence, interdependence, and self reliance asterisk

Kay Cook
Exploring low-income women's welfare stigma through rich point analysis asterisk

Lyn Craig
Time to care: A comparison of how couple and sole parent households allocate time to work and children

Lea Crisante
Fiafia and Ice-breaker Morning Tea: Parent Education in Pacific Island Communities asterisk

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Lisa da Silva and Sarah Wise
Parent perspectives on child care quality in a culturally diverse sample asterisk

David de Vaus and Lixia Qu
Work role reversal among couples: Selected characteristics and the division of domestic labour

Jane Dickenson and Robert Johnstone
Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children - Early data

Alex Dolan, Peter McLean and David Roland
Home equity, retirement incomes and family relationships asterisk

Lyn Dowling
Seasons for Growth - resiliencing children and families post divorce or separation asterisk

Julie Druce
Building relationships: A description and evaluation of an innovative family support program within mainstream early childhood services

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Ben Edwards, Sarah Wise, Jennifer Bowes, Ann Sanson, Judy Ungerer, Linda Harrison and Tracey Simpson
Why fathers and grandparents are included in children's weekly child care arrangements asterisk

Vivienne Elizabeth
Children in the frontline of family violence prevention: A site of unease?

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Shona Gates
Parents and Kids Together: supporting families early

Sarah Gill, Peter Butterworth and Bryan Rodgers
Retirement and mental health in the Australian population: Findings from nation-wide studies

Kerry Gould
'Staying Connected' - A family systems, group intervention to enhance outcomes for children after parental separation

Brad Gray
There's No Pride In Domestic Violence: Gay and Lesbian Community Awareness Campaign

Michael Green
Shared parenting: popular myths asterisk

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Nora Abdul Hak and Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah
Reconciliation and conciliation in Malaysia: A review of the relevant provisions of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act, 1976; and their practice asterisk

Anne Hampshire and Anuschka Borer
Developing resilience at every stage of a young person's life asterisk

Anne Hampshire and Denise Chadwick
Hearing from young Australians: Implications for policy and practice asterisk

Kelly Hand
Mothers' use of and beliefs about child care asterisk

Kelly Hand and Jody Hughes
Mothers' attitudes to parenting and paid work: A typology? asterisk

Clare Hargreaves and Jeanette Nagorcka
Municipal Early Years Plans: Local planning to improve outcomes for children

Marina Harvey
Predicting work and family efficacy

Bruce Hawthorne
Australian men's experience of nonresident fathering asterisk

Jacqueline Hayden, Katey de Gioia, Fay Hadley and Robin Dundas
Getting it together - using early childhood settings to facilitate health and wellbeing for and with families

Melanie Heenan
Just 'keeping the peace' - A reluctance to respond to male partner sexual violence asterisk

Kerry Hernandez
Beyond the boom gate

Daryl Higgins
Differentiating between child maltreatment experiences asterisk

Amanda Hosking and Mark Western
The effects of non-standard employment on work-family balance asterisk

Jody Hughes and Kelly Hand
Does money matter? Mothers' views about money and how it influences employment decisions asterisk

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Constance Jenkin and Pat Jewell
Early intervention parenting project asterisk

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Wilawan Kanjanapan
Age differences in values relating to work, savings habits and borrowing: evidence from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey asterisk

Susie Kelly and Julie Kos
Child protection data in Australia: Current issues and future improvements asterisk

Evelyn Khoo
Protecting our children

Patricia Kiely
A longitudinal evaluation of family group conferencing asterisk

Violet Kolar
'A home... for my children': Findings from a longitudinal study of families who have experienced homelessness asterisk

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Primrose Letcher, Ann Sanson and Diana Smart
Differing patterns of anxiety from late childhood to late adolescence: Precursors and correlates

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Sue McCubbin
CSA - Connecting separated parents to services

Jenn McIntosh and Lawrie Moloney
Child inclusive practice in high conflict post-separation parenting disputes: What is it, why use it and does it work?

Jennifer McIntosh
The Child behind family law: Australian children's experiences of parental conflict prior to mediation

Joye McLaughlin
The changing nature of nurture

Justine McNamara, Rachel Lloyd, Matthew Toohey and Ann Harding
Prosperity for all? How low income families have fared in the boom times asterisk

Paula Mance
To what extent do family characteristics explain child care use in Australia for children under school age? asterisk

Christine Mason and Debbie Noble-Carr
Towards a national picture of children's services asterisk

Tim Moore
Towards improved support for families of young children: The role of communities asterisk

Tim Moore
What do we need to know to work effectively with young children and their families? Towards a core curriculum asterisk

Alison Morehead
Beyond preference and choice: how mothers allocate time to work and family asterisk

Almudena Moreno
Employment and fertility in the Welfare countries of Southern Europe in compared perspective. The role of the family policies and the labour market.

Leonie Morgan
Quality part-time work - 'It shouldn't be so hard!' asterisk

Adele Mulcaster
The ACT Family Violence Intervention Project

Paul Murphy, Alan Campbell and Lisbeth Pike
Our children's health and safety needs: progress report on a parenting plan template asterisk

Maree Murray and Andrian Beavis
Families and Post-School Plans

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Alexandra Osborn and Paul Delfabbro
Children with high support needs in Australian out-of-home care: A national comparative study asterisk

Gayle Osborne
Y it takes a village: YWVCA NSW's integrated approach to supporting individuals and families across their lifetimes asterisk

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Judith Peirce
Family violence and the law: Putting 'private' violence on the public agenda asterisk

Lisbeth Pike, Paul Murphy and Linley Ford
Columbus Stage III report: feedback from parents, children, and service providers asterisk

Sharon Pittaway
Legitimate voices: Teen mothers and education asterisk

Jan Pryor
The child-stepparent relationship: its fragility and its importance asterisk

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Lixia Qu and Sarah Wise
Multiple child care arrangements in Australia asterisk

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Alan Ralph and Helen Stallman
Teenagers' reports of what their parents do: Links to risk and protective factors for behavioural and emotional problems in adolescents at the transition to high school

Alan Ralph, Helen Stallman and Matthew R. Sanders
Teen Triple P: A universal approach to reducing risk factors for behavioural and emotional problems in adolescents at the transition to high school

Ken Reed, Betsy Blunsdon, Steven McEachern and Nicola McNeil
Urban/regional differences in social capital in Victoria - implications for theory and measurement

Jennifer Renda
How long-term health problems impact on mothers' employment decisions asterisk

Nick Richardson
Connections between antisocial behaviour and involvement in victimisation incidents

Giovanna Richmond
The nexus between child health and child protection: A case study on policy activism

Amanda Robertson and Jianfei Gong
Key demographic and income features of the Family Tax Benefit Part A customer population asterisk

Bryan Rodgers and Anna Stitzel
Parental divorce and adult social and psychological outcomes over three generations

Kevin Runions and Daniel Keating
Authoritarian parenting and community context in the early development of hostile processing and behaviour asterisk

Penny Ryan and Rosangela Merlo
Preventing family homelessness: Results of the final evaluation of the Family Homelessness Prevention Pilot asterisk

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Barry Salmon
Implementing a community visitor program for children in foster care

Ann Sanson and Sebastian Misson
Summarising children's wellbeing: The LSAC outcome index

Anna Sarkadi and Sven Bremberg
'Help me someone out there! I can't do this anymore': interaction as a crucial component of online social support

Mary Sayers, Sharon Goldfeld, Melissa Coutts and Sven Silburn
The Australian Early Development Index, building better communities for children asterisk

Marjorie Seiffert
Families and Schools Together as a community development tool in remote Indigenous communities in Northern Territory asterisk

Alison Shortt and John W. Toumbourou
Resilient Families: A program to promote health and wellbeing in adolescents and their families asterisk

Margaret Sims, Andrew Guilfoyle and Trevor Parry
Children's well-being in child care asterisk

Diana Smart and Ann Sanson
What is life like for young Australians today, and how well are they faring? asterisk

Bruce Smyth
'Time with mum, time with dad': Parent-child contact schedules after divorce asterisk

Ciara Smyth and Marilyn McHugh
Carers' perception of their fostering role

Suzie Sweeper
Does time heal a broken heart? The longitudinal trajectory of relationship separation adjustment

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Janet Taylor
Life chances and social exclusion: eleven years on asterisk

Nicola Taylor
Children's participation in custody/access decisions in New Zealand

Nicola Taylor and Anne Smith
Stop it: It hurts me! Children and physical punishment

Habtemariam Tesfaghiorghis
Australia's fertility: A HILDA based analyses asterisk

Shane Thomas and Mick Naughton
Developing innovative partnership approaches to support vulnerable children and their families: Preliminary Victorian research findings

Matthew Toohey
The effectiveness of Child Care Benefit at improving returns to work for women asterisk

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Rebecca Valenzuela
Child welfare in Australia: How effective are social transfers?

Suzanne Vassallo, Diana Smart, Ann Sanson, Anne Harris, Samantha Cockfield, Allison Mcintyre and Warren Harrison
Risky driving among young adults: Trends and precursors

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Charles Waldegrave
Pioneering, dismantling and regaining the welfare state: New Zealand and a modern case study

Karen Weston
National children's services workforce project

Ruth Weston and Lixia Qu
Having children: The actual versus the ideal and expected

Ruth Weston, Lixia Qu and David de Vaus
Partnership formation and stability asterisk

Janet Wheeler
Decision-making styles of women who choose not to have children asterisk

Gillian Whitehouse and Carol Soloff
Parental leave and return to work: The design and implementation of a national survey asterisk

Sarah Wise and Ben Edwards
Disruption of parental relationships, current family circumstances and children's psychological adjustment asterisk

Sarah Wise, Ben Edwards, Jennifer Bowes, Ann Sanson, Judy Ungerer, Linda Harrison and Tracey Simpson
The relation of multiple and changeable child care arrangements to early communication skills asterisk

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Steve Zubrick, Melissa Wake, Judy Ungerer, Linda Harrison, Donna Berthelsen and Jan Nicholson
Overview of measurement in Growing Up in Australia