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A list of conferences and events run by other organisations relevant to family research, policy and practice is below.

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January 2015

26-30 January Geneva, Switzerland World Congress on Juvenile Justice

February 2015

7-8 February Canberra, ACT Seen and heard : children and the courts
10-12 February Sydney, NSW Asia-Pacific Conference on Gendered Violence and Violations
11-13 February Melbourne, Vic. International Conference on Migration, Social Disadvantage and Health
11-15 February Kolkata, India World Congress on Public Health
18-20 February Glenelg, SA Australian Early Development Census National Conference
19-20 February Sydney, NSW Men's Mental Health - building a healthier future

March 2015

12-14 March Amsterdam, The Netherlands International Convention of Psychological Science
15-19 March Oxford, UK International Conference on Childhood Education
17-20 March Brisbane, Qld Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference
19 March Melbourne, Vic. Innovation in Community Development new
19-21 March Philadelphia, USA Society for Research in Child Development
23-27 March Chicago, USA Ageing in America Conference
29 March-1 April Auckland, New Zealand Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
30 March-1 April Copenhagen, Denmark Journal of Youth Studies Conference

April 2015

9-11 April Atlanta, USA Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International
10-11 April Coogee, NSW Australian Psychological Society College of Health Psychologists Conference
12-15 April Edinburgh, Scotland BAPSCAN Conference
27-29 April Arlington, USA Children's Welfare League of American Conference

May 2015

4-7 May Athens, Greece International Conference on Sociology
8-9 May Adelaide, SA Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium new
18-19 May Melbourne, Vic. Child Aware Conference
18-19 May Surfer's Paradise, QLD Eating disorders and Obesity Conference
20-22 May Brisbane, Qld Child Inclusive Practice Forum
21-22 May Brisbane, Qld Positive schools - mental health and wellbeing Conference
24-27 May Darwin, NT National Rural Health Conference
28-29 May Fremantle, WA Positive schools - mental health and wellbeing Conference

June 2015

4-5 June Melbourne Vic. Positive schools - mental health and wellbeing Conference
10-11 June Ottawa, Canada Families in Canada Conference new
10-12 June Nicosia, Cyprus Third International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Network
11-12 June Sydney, NSW Positive schools - mental health and wellbeing Conference
24-26 June Hobart, Tas. Coming together for Australia's children (ARACY) Conference
24-26 June Perth, WA Third National Conference on Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
29-30 June Gold Coast, QLD No2Bullying Conference

July 2015

5-9 July Perth, WA International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology
6-8 July Parramatta, NSW National Vocational, Education and Training Research Conference new
8-10 July Brisbane, Qld Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference
8-11 July Wellington, New Zealand Australasian Human Development Association Conference new

August 2015

25-28 August Canberra, ACT TheMHS Conference - The Mental Health Services Conference

September 2015

6-9 September Hobart, Tas. Population Health Congress
8-12 September Braga, Portugal European Conference on Developmental Psychology
9-11 September Brisbane, Qld Asia Pacific Autism Conference
15-17 September Perth, WA SNAICC Conference
28-30 September Kensington, NSW Australian Social Policy Conference

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