Child sexual abuse research

On Monday 12th November 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced she would recommend to the Governor General to establish a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia (the Royal Commission). Terms of Reference were established and six Commissioners were appointed in January 2013. The Commission was due to run until December 2015.

On Tuesday 2nd September 2014, the Attorney-General for Australia, the Senator the Hon George Brandis announced a decision to extend the Royal Commission for a further two years – until December 2017 - and provide an additional $125 million. The extension and resources will allow the Commission to hear more stories from victims, to conduct further public hearings and to produce more research and interim reports.

In an effort to support the work of the Royal Commission we have collated resources and information for victim/survivors of child sexual abuse, practitioners/service providers and those interested in finding out more about support services for victim/survivors and their families, child sexual abuse, its impacts, statistics, prevention and responses. These resources come from the Australian Institute of Family Studies, particularly those that are published as part of the work of the Sexual Violence Research (formerly Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault) and the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange.

For more information, please visit the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse website or phone 1800 099 340.

Resources and information

Support resources: do you want to talk to someone?

The Royal Commission has a listing of crisis lines and support services relevant to victims of child sexual assault.

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