Diversity and change in Australian families: Statistical profiles

by David de Vaus

report cover


Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2004. ISBN 0 642 395115 2.

The book provides snapshot and trend information on families over the last 30 or so years. It has three main focus areas - the diversity of family types, the changes and transitions a family may experience, and issues affecting families.

Full report - Diversity and change in Australian families: Statistical profiles (PDF 3.3 MB)

Family types - summary


Each chapter can be downloaded as a PDF document. File sizes are approximately 300-500KB.

  1. Family and household types
  2. Couples without children at home
  3. Couples with children
  4. Lone parent families
  5. Step families and blended families
  6. Extended families and multifamily households
  7. Same-sex couples
  8. Adoption and adoptive families
  9. Living alone
  10. Cohabitation
  11. Transitions in childhood (written with Mathew Grey)
  12. Transition of young people to adulthood
  13. Marriage and remarriage
  14. Having children
  15. Divorce and separation
  16. Caring
  17. Spending
  18. Time-use
  19. Working


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