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Family Matters No. 95 No. 95, 2014

Coming of age: Australia's flagship longitudinal studies

Family Matters is the research journal of the Australian Institute of Family Studies. It contains the latest Institute research and contributions from Australia's most respected social scientists, social policy analysts, service provider and research agencies.

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Family Matters 2010-2013

Family Matters No. 94No. 94, 2014

Families through a long lens

Presents a range of articles describing longitudinal studies being conducted on families and family wellbeing.

Family Matters No. 93No. 93, 2013

Beyond Disadvantage

Presents a range of articles on how disadvantage and inequality affects families.

No. 92, 2013

Exercising wisdom: Deciding family law matters

Focuses on presentations made at the 12th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, 25-27 July 2012. The articles in this edition particularly address family law issues.

No. 91, 2012

Growing Up in Australia and Footprints in Time

Features presentations from the Growing Up in Australia and Footprints in Time Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) and Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) Conference, held 15-16 November 2011 in Melbourne

No. 90, 2012

Life events

Prevalence of potential family life difficulties; women's return to work after maternity leave; transition to school; and effects of separation on grandparents.


No. 89, 2011

Protecting children: Evolving systems

National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children; child protection and law reforms; links between child maltreatment and adolescent offending; neurobiological effects of childhood maltreatment; and transitioning from out-of-home care.

No. 88, 2011

Family resources, roles and responsibilities

Intergenerational bequests; fathering in Australia; family violence; the effect of pregnancy and newborns on the household budget; grandparenting and the 2006 family law reforms; shared care time; and interventions for adolescent problem behaviours.

No. 87, 2011

Sustaining families in challenging times

Who's really time poor; children in poverty; UK family policy, lone mothers and paid work; Families at Risk; Living-apart-together (LAT) relationships; Past adoption practices.

No. 86, 2011

Family law

A summary of the AIFS Evaluation of the 2006 family law reforms; care time arrangements ater the 2006 reforms; post-separation parenting; child support; relocation disputes; work-family strain amongst mothers.

No. 85, 2010

Violence, abuse and neglect

Connections between childhood family experiences and wellbeing in early adulthood; young people with parents who use alcohol or other drugs; family violence; sexual assault victim/survivors' criminal justice needs.

No. 84, 2010

Family and place

Neighbourhood influences on young children's problems; addressing disadvantage; child developmental systems; Communities for Children; Family Relationship Centres; family dispute; aftermath of natural disaster.