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Presentations by AIFS staff are listed below with links to abstracts, the complete paper, or slides from powerpoint presentations, if available.

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KaspiewR and Humphreys C24 July 2014
Family violence, separated parents and fathering : empirical insights and intervention challenges.
Paper presented at the Knowledge Circle webinar series, Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) seminar series

This webinar will highlight findings and discuss the implications of recent research projects into family violence and fathering. Dr Rae Kaspiew will discuss the Survey of Recently Separated Parents 2012, which aimed to identify opportunities for improving support for children and their families after separation. In particular, detailed insights into the extent, severity, impact and disclosure of family violence will be explored. Professor Cathy Humphreys will describe a recently funded ARC project into family violence and fathering programs. The state of knowledge around family violence and fathering programs will be discussed, as will the challenges involved when the issue of men's relationships with children are raised in the context of family violence.

Scott D22 July 2014
Child abuse and neglect : the public health perspective.
Invited paper presented at the Master of Public Health course, Child Public Health Elective, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne Vic

Baxter J14 July 2014
Mothers' jobs and spillover : which families are struggling more?
Paper presented at the Relationships and Stress Mini-Conference, held at Deakin University, Melbourne Vic

This presentation will present findings from DSS Occasional Paper No. 50, 'Employment characteristics and transitions of mothers in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)', which was published in December 2013.

Meredith V25 June 2014
Family factors in early school leaving.
Paper presented at the Barwon South Family Law Pathways Network, Colac Vic

This paper touches on school engagement by parents in the context of separation and divorce, an area of particular interest to practitioners in this sector.

Baxter J and Strazdins L21 June 2014
Children's views of parents' jobs.
Paper presented at the Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, New York, USA

Baxter J and Gray M20 June 2014
Employment without childcare : mothers' double burden or father involvement?
Paper presented at the Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, New York, USA

Baxter J11 June 2014
AIFS' experience (to date) in using the ACLD.
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset (ACLD) Technical Workshop, held at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Melbourne Vic

In this workshop, Dr Baxter will discuss the AIFS experience in using the Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset.

Carson R28 May 2014
Independent Children's Lawyers Study : the research and the report.
Paper presented to the Northern Family Law Pathways Network, Launceston, Tas.

This presentation will present findings from the Independent Children's Lawyer study.

Thomas A27 May 2014
Visible indicators of problem gambling in EGM venues.
Paper presented as part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, Keysborough Vic

This presentation is based on research conducted when Dr Thomas was at Swinburne. The research validates a behavioral checklist, which has been designed to assist gaming venue workers to identify people who may be experiencing gambling problems from visible behaviors (e.g. spending extended periods gambling, becoming visibly distressed, lack of interaction with other people).

Kaspiew R27 May 2014
Independent Children's Lawyers : all things to all people?
Paper presented to the Children and Youth Issues Committee, Law Institute of Victoria

This presentation will present findings from the Independent Children's Lawyer study.

Hayes A26 May 2014
Changing gambling environments : from awareness to collective responsibility and coordinated action.
Paper presented at the launch of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW), 26 May-1 June 2014, auspiced by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne Vic

Alan Hayes is one of the speakers at the launch of Responsible Gambling Week. His presentation will discuss the need for research on the impacts of gambling on families and the wider community, noting that the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC) within the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) places research priority on understanding the pathways to responsible gambling and gambling problems with a particular focus on families. Other speakers at the launch include the Hon Edward O'Donohue, Victorian Minister for Liquor and gaming Regulation, Mr Serge Sardo CEO Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro, University of Adelaide and Mr Joel Zyngier, Senior Associate, Accredited Specialist Workplace Relations, Holding Redlich.

Hayes A23 May 2014
Beyond single generation solutions : prevention and early intervention in life course perspective.
Paper presented at the Families Australia Policy Forum, Brisbane Qld

The presentation will discuss family transitions and AIFS research in this area.

Hayes A23 May 2014
Beyond individuals to families (and communities) in context.
Paper presented at the Families Australia Board Meeting, Brisbane Qld

The presentation will discuss family transitions and AIFS research in this area.

Scott D 6 May 2014
Meeting children's needs when the family environment isn't always "good enough" - a systems approach.
Paper presented at the Integrated Practice Seminar Series IV, produced by the Greater Shepparton Best Start Project, Berry Street and FamilyCare, Shepparton Vic

This series aims to consolidate the theory and practice of family centred practice and promote strong interagency relationships and networks for workers, to achieve better outcomes for children and their families.

Kenny P30 April 2014
Adoption in Australia : past practice, impacts and current issues.
Paper presented at the Australian Psychological Society (ACT Branch) Professional Development Seminar, Canberra ACT

Quadara A and Miller R28 April 2014
Sexual abuse and exploitation prevention : effective responses.
Paper presented at the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) seminar series

In Australia, approximately 1 in 3 females and 1 in 7 males report having experienced some form of child sexual abuse. Despite these numbers and the well-documented adverse impacts on wellbeing, sexual abuse and exploitation remain hidden, characterised by secrecy, delayed disclosure, and social denial. Often, those caring for children are unaware of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and its dynamics, and do not know how to effectively respond to indications that sexual abuse is occurring. This webinar will present current research evidence on the extent of child sexual abuse in Australia. It will outline the diverse circumstances in which sexual abuse and exploitation occur, and the dynamics that underpin them. The webinar will also describe children's experiences of disclosure, the constraints they can experience in being heard, and what child-focused organisations can do to support them. It will conclude by presenting a multi agency approach to sexual abuse and exploitation prevention.

Higgins D 8 April 2014
Making organisations child safe : messages from research and practical implementation strategies.
Paper presented at the NSW Family and Community Services (FaCS) Workshop on Child Safe Organisations, Sydney NSW

This workshop is aimed at managers and funding providers who understand how to assess how engaged an organisation is in the task of become "child safe", and how to work with agencies to assist them with reflective practice - identifying their particular risks, and looking at opportunities to mitigate risks, or manage them if they can't be reasonably avoided.

Higgins D 1 April 2014
Where's the child? Child-aware lessons from past policy and practice.
Paper presented at the 2nd Child Aware Approaches Conference, Melbourne Vic

Presented as part of the 'Learning from the past' symposium at the conference.

Higgins D31 March 2014
Services to enhance safe and supportive family environments for Australia's children.
Keynote address presented at the 2nd Child Aware Approaches Conference, Melbourne Vic

Dr Higgins will be presenting a Keynote address as part of the Child Aware Approaches Conference in Melbourne. This presentation will discuss data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) that show three broad family environments.

Price-Robertson R31 March 2014
Child aware approaches - recognising and implementing child aware principles and practice.
Paper presented at the 2nd Child Aware Approaches Conference, Melbourne Vic

AIFS was commissioned by the Department of Social Services to produce a paper outlining some of the key principles of the Child Aware Approaches National Initiative and to showcase best practice examples. In this Conference presentation, the key components of the AIFS paper will be outlined. This will be followed by an interactive discussion and small group activities, where participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how Child Aware principles and practices may apply to their own settings. It is hoped that the information generated in this session can contribute to future Child Aware initiatives.

Quadara A27 March 2014
A new legal frontier - young people, new technologies and sexual violence.
Paper presented at the Victoria Police Sex Offenders Registry Asia Pacific Conference, Melbourne Vic

In this presentation, Dr Quadara will present findings from the AIFS Research Report No. 23 "The role of emerging communication technologies in experiences of sexual violence: A new legal frontier?"

Higgins D19 March 2014
Making your organisation child safe. (PDF )
Paper presented at the Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec) Bi-Annual Conference, Coffs Harbour NSW [previously presented at the ACWA Best Practice Forum]

Kaspiew R14 March 2014
What do children need from their Independent Children's Lawyer.
Paper presented at the NSW Legal Aid Professional Development Conference

Dr Kaspiew will be presenting findings from the Independent Children's Lawyers Study as part of a panel session.

Carson R13 March 2014
The whys and wherefores of children's matters with special emphasis on the ICL.
Guest lecture presented at the Monash University Law School 'Principles of Family Law' course

This presentation will discuss the role and efficacy of Independent Children's Lawyers in Australian family law proceedings. It will consider the development of the ICL role in case law, legislation and as reflected in the Guidelines for Independent Children's Lawyers (2007), before focusing primarily on the findings emerging from the recently released AIFS study entitled 'Independent Children's Lawyers Study - Final Report'.

Moore S12 March 2014
Research on independent children's lawyers.
Paper presented at the Albury Wodonga Family Law Pathways Network Conference, Albury NSW

Hayes A28 February 2014
Bouncing back : family strengths and community supports when 'stuff happens'!
Paper presented at the Sydney Anglican Diocese Mothers' Union Seminar 'When Stuff Happens - Helping Families through Difficult Times', Sydney NSW

The presentation will discuss dealing with difficulties in family life such as divorce, and the problems parents and families face when things don't turn out as they expected e.g a child with problems, be it a significant disability or behavioural problems and avenues for assistance.

Meredith V, Sibbel A, Washington P and Ashby N26 February 2014
The effects of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce practices on families in Australia.
Paper presented at the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) seminar series

A limited but growing amount of Australian research into fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work practices tentatively suggests that a FIFO lifestyle can have positive, negative or few effects on children and on family relationships - depending on the circumstances. This webinar will present findings from the CFCA paper Fly-in fly-out workforce practices in Australia: The effects on children and family relationships. Implications for research, policy and practice, FIFO families and mining organisations will be discussed by an expert panel.

Hayes A21 February 2014
Longitudinal insights into the power of parenting : from early childhood to the middle years and beyond.
Paper presented at the 16th Annual Helping Families Change Conference, Sydney NSW

This address draws on recent evidence from Australia's suite of longitudinal studies to cast light on the positive pathways most children take on the journey to adulthood. It also uses the longitudinal data to explore the factors that can place young people at risk of a range of problems and vulnerabilities. Most importantly, these longitudinal studies show the power of parenting and positive family functioning in influencing a range of developmental outcomes, across the lifespan. In parallel with the research base, Australia has a wide range of programs to support, strengthen and sustain families, including those that focus on promoting effective parenting practices. The address considers some examples of these initiatives. As such, the presentation squarely demonstrates how research can underpin both policy and practice in powerfully connected ways.

Thomas A20 February 2014
Removal of ATMs from electronic gaming machine venues in Victoria, Australia.
Paper presented at the 5th International Gambling Conference 'Gambling in a mobile era: Developments, Regulations and Responses', Auckland, New Zealand

This presentation reports on an evaluation of the removal of ATMs from Victorian gambling venues in 2012 as a harm minimisation and consumer protection measure. The study was undertaken by Swinburne University and Anna Thomas remains involved through her new role at AGRC. The report findings have already been discussed in the media.

Rintoul A20 February 2014
Reducing harm and improving consumer protection : a review of design features critical to the success of EGM pre-commitment technology.
Paper presented at the 5th International Gambling Conference 'Gambling in a mobile era: Developments, Regulations and Responses', Auckland, New Zealand

This presentation will synthesise key messages stemming from the work AGRC undertook for FaHCSIA/DSS on pre-commitment.

Vasiliadis S20 February 2014
Gen Y : gambling to cheer up and get high.
Paper presented at the 5th International Gambling Conference 'Gambling in a mobile era: Developments, Regulations and Responses', Auckland, New Zealand

This presentation will report findings of a survey of young adults in Melbourne, and discuss specific gambling motivations to be targeted in early and tertiary intervention strategies for this group. The findings are based on the PhD thesis by Sophie Vasiliadis at the University of Melbourne.

Kaspiew R18 February 2014
Independent Children's Lawyers : multiple perspectives on expectations and experience of practice.
Paper presented at the AIFS seminar series, Melbourne Vic

Independent Children's Lawyers (ICLs) are appointed in some family law matters to represent the best interests of children. Recent research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has examined ICL practice on the basis of multiple perspectives from ICLs, judicial officers, other legal and non-legal professionals in the family law system and parents and children who have been involved in litigated matters with an ICL. The research shows that the ICL role has three important aspects: evidence gathering, litigation management and supporting children's participation. Different stakeholders place different levels of emphasis on the relative importance of each of these functions, with participation being least emphasised by family law system professionals. From the perspective of the children and parents involved in the research, current ICL practice in the area of supporting participation falls short of expectations. In this seminar, the lead researcher on the ICL Study, Dr Rae Kaspiew, will present an overview of the main findings of the project.