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Job seekers and the social security system
Family Matters no. 30, Dec 1991
The 'joint custody' debate: where to now? (PDF 128K)
Family Matters no. 66 Spring/Summer, 2003
Caruana, C.
Judging rape: public attitudes and sentencing
Aware : ACSSA newsletter no. 14, Jun 2007
Clark, H.
Joint parenting systems: a critical assessment from the child's point of view
Australian Family Lawyer v. 9 no. 2, Dec 1993
Edgar, D.
Joint attention and parent-child book reading : keys to help close gaps in early language development, school readiness and academic achievement
Family Matters no. 91, 2012
Farrant, B.
Justice and the protection of children
Families, policy and the law : selected essays on contemporary issues for Australia, 2014
Faulks, J.
Jurisdictional overlaps between the Family Division of the Children's Court of Victoria and the Family Court of Australia
Australian Journal of Family Law v. 14 no. 3, Nov 2000
Fehlberg, B., & Kelly, F.
Juggling work and family commitments
Family Matters no. 28, Apr 1991
Glezer, H.
Just 'keeping the peace' : a reluctance to respond to male partner sexual violence
ACSSA issues no. 1, 2004
Heenan, M.
Jobs 4U2 Indigenous school-to-work project : Ganbina Koorie Economic Employment & Training Agency, Shepparton, Vic
Early learnings : Indigenous community development projects, 2005
Higgins, D., & Burchill, M.
Jarjum Youth Group : Murri & Torres Strait Islander Network, Logan, Qld
Early learnings : Indigenous community development projects, 2005
Higgins, D., Taylor, S., Burchill, M., & Ramsamy, L.
Joblessness, family relations and children's development
Family Matters no. 83, 2009
Kalil, A.
Justice Committee pre-legislative scrutiny of the Children and Families Bill: Australian Institute of Family Studies Submission to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee inquiry
Submission, 2012
Kaspiew, R., & Moloney, L.
Joint adoption by same sex spouses in Canada (PDF 167KB)
Family Matters no. 43 Autumn, 1996
Sandor, D.