Research and information exchange

Strategic Plan 2009-2012

AIFS research directions 2012-15: Australian families in a rapidly changing world describes the social trends influencing Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) research and the four areas of specific focus for our research from 2012 to 2015:

  1. Family change, functioning and wellbeing;
  2. Social and economic participation for families;
  3. Child and family safety; and
  4. Services to support families.

Current research projects related to the 2012-2015 research themes.

Major research projects and information exchange

Communicating research

The Institute communicates the findings of its research and analysis to a range of stakeholders including policy makers, service providers and the broader community.


Our publications include the research journal, Family Matters, research papers, issues papers and newsletters.


Our website reports on our programs and activities; provides access to our publications; disseminates information from our databases and resource collections; and promotes the development of networks with individuals and organisations concerned with family research and policy.


Our seminars present eminent speakers who focus on contemporary issues in national and international family research.

Information services

We provide information services through our research staff and our library which contains a substantial, up-to-date collection of international and Australian research on family wellbeing in Australia.

Promising Practice Profiles

Based on the latest research, we identify and disseminate promising practice in the areas of early childhood, community development and early intervention and sexual assault.