AIFS seminar series presentation

10:00 am - 11:15 am, Thursday 11 April 2013, AIFS Seminar Room, Level 20, 485 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Eroticising inequality: Pornography, young people and sexuality?

Maree Crabbe and Dr David Corlett

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Maree and David work together on the community education project Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality. They are Co-Producers and Co-Directors of the soon to be released documentary film Love and Sex in the Age of Pornography.

Maree Crabbe has worked with young people in the community sector for 18 years, including 10 years in sexuality education. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, sexual diversity and prevention of sexually transmissible infections. Maree’s articles on young people, sexuality and pornography have been published in online and print media.

David Corlett (PhD) is a writer and researcher. An adjunct research fellow at Swinburne University, he is the author of Stormy Weather: The challenge of climate change and Displacement (UNSW Press, 2008) and Following Them Home: The fate of the returned asylum seekers (Black Inc., 2005). In 2011 and 2012, David was the host of the groundbreaking documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From (SBS Australia).


Over the past decade or so, pornography has become both more mainstream and more hard-core. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to pornography. Consumption (particularly for young men) has become normalised, and the ways young people understand and experience gender and sex are being influenced by what they (or their partners or peers) observe in porn.

Pornography’s influence on young people’s sexual imaginations, expectations and practices has serious implications for their capacity to develop a sexuality that is mutually pleasurable, fully consenting, and respectful, as well as for gender equality.

Highlighting the need for informed and responsive policies and practice across a broad range of sectors, Maree and David’s presentation will include excerpts from their filmed interviews with young people, and with performers, producers, directors, agents and executives from the pornography industry in Hungary and the USA.

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