Our people


Professor Alan Hayes AM Director
Dr Daryl Higgins Deputy Director (Research)
Sue Tait Deputy Director (Corporate and Strategy)
Ruth Weston PSM Assistant Director (Research)

Research staff

Dr Andrew Armstrong Research Fellow
Rose Babic Communications and Project Officer
Kalyca Baker Data Administrator
Dr Jennifer Baxter Senior Research Fellow
Dr Monica Campo Senior Research Officer
Dr Rachel Carson Research Fellow
Joanne Commerford Research Officer
Dr Melissa Coulson Research Officer
Dr Galina Daraganova Research Fellow - Data Analyst
John De Maio Research Fellow
Adam Dean Project Officer
Julie Deblaquiere Senior Research Officer
Marissa Dickins Senior Research Officer
Jessie Dunstan Senior Research Officer
Dr Ben Edwards Executive Manager, Longitudinal Studies
Kathryn Goldsworthy Research Officer
Kelly Hand Senior Research Fellow
Jacqueline Harvey Design Manager
Nicholas Heyes Project Officer
Jacqui Homel Research Fellow
Cathryn Hunter Senior Research Officer
Rebecca Jenkinson Research Fellow
Dr Karena Jessup Design Manager
Dr Rae Kaspiew Senior Research Fellow, Family Law
Pauline Kenny Research Fellow
Ken Knight Senior Communications Officer
Dr Julie Lahausse Research Fellow
Shaun Lohoar Senior Research Officer
Dr Lawrie Moloney Senior Research Fellow
Sharnee Moore Research Fellow
Sam Morley Research Officer
Stewart Muir Research Fellow
Dr Vicky Nagy Research Officer
Lucy Ockenden Research Officer
Dr Lixia Qu Senior Research Fellow
Dr Antonia Quadara Research Fellow
Jennifer Renda Senior Research Officer
Angela Rintoul Research Fellow
Elly Robinson Senior Research Fellow
Dr Debbie Scott Research Fellow
Michelle Silbert Senior Research Officer
Mark Sipthorp Data Manager
Dr Diana Smart Senior Research Fellow
Mary Stathopoulos Senior Research Officer
Reem Sweid Research Officer
Dr Anna Thomas Senior Research Fellow
Sophie Vasiliadis Senior Research Officer
Suzanne Vassallo Research Fellow
Liz Wall Senior Research Officer
Dr Diana Warren Research Fellow
Sez Wilks Research Officer